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About us

Welcome to FM Recruiter. Helping people to find to find FM jobs

A specialist job board for FM

FM Recruiter is a specialist job board built for the facilities management sector. We help employers and recruitment agencies working in the FM industry to find the talented people they need to grow their businesses in a simple affordable way. We help people who are working in facilities management, or people who want to do so, to find jobs and employers so they can pursue a successful career in their sector of choice.

Our mission is to quickly and effectively, match job seekers with jobs and employers to the benefit of the FM sector as a whole.

Although out primary purpose is to help job seekers and recruiters to find each other we also want to help and support job seekers on the journey to their dream job. this is why we provide tips from recruitment experts in our career advice section.

Career advice

Part of the Business Daily Group of companies - the home of FM Business Daily

FM Recruiter is one part of the Business Daily Group of companies, which includes the hugely popular FM Business Daily 7am newsletter, delivered to 200,000+ facilities management workers every weekday.

FMBusinessDaily.com is a leading news resource for the facilities management sector. With more than 12 million page views each year and is designed as a force for good in the FM sector, FMBusinessDaily.com lets readers and collaborators decide what news they want to publish when. This is a news platform for everyone, everywhere.

FM Business Daily also publishes the acclaimed industry magazine FM Director, which is distributed exclusively to industry leaders. In combination Business Daily Group's publications and websites provide unparalleled exposure across the facilities management sector.

The FM Community provides networking opportunities for thousands of FM professionals and is an invaluable resource for everyone working in the sector. FM Marketing helps ambitious organisations who are already working in facilities management, or who want to do so, to exploit opportunities, win more work and meet their business objectives.

FM Advisory provides support for businesses with work winning business planning, investment, and support.

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Complementary services designed to help FM businesses grow, whilst acting as a force for good across the whole industry.

Other sectors

The Business Daily Group of companies also includes Rail Business Daily the leading media, publishing and profile-raising business for the rail industry. Established in 2017 RBD works with some of the leading names in the rail industry via a market leading range of brands that help clients to communicate clearly and grow stronger.

Collectively the RBD team has in excess if 100 year’s experience working in rail business marketing and communication.

Business Daily Group is expanding into other markets soon. Keep your eye out for the latest news. And don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to find out how we can help you.

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RBD Rail Recruiter

If you have a foot in facilities management and rail, don't forget to check out FM Recruiter’s close relation RBD Rail Recruiter.

Advertising more than 1,300 rail industry jobs at any time and with a database of active job seekers. RBD Rail Recruiter works with some of the rail sectors largest recruiters RBD Rail Recruiter has more rail jobs available to search and apply for than any other UK rail sector jobs board.

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