How to write a stand out LinkedIn profile

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The rigid uniformity of LinkedIn profiles makes it challenging for one profile to stand out from another. It is vital to do everything you can to make sure that your profile is engaging and creates a positive impression. As a fantastic resource for job seekers, and as the most widely used research tool for recruiters, making sure your LinkedIn profile works as hard as it can will help raise your visibility and potential for being contacted about new roles.

Change the headline to your target job

By default LinkedIn will show your current job title as the headline. However, you should change this to reflect the job titles you are targeting to help position and align yourself accordingly.

How to write the ‘About’ summary

As a social media, you should come across as warm and friendly. Write in first person as this is more personal. Remember, you are aiming to strike a one-to-one conversation with the reader and want them to contact you to find out more. Give them a brief understanding and insight into the personal qualities and expertise that will enable you to really add value to their business.

Customise your URL

Make your profile name more memorable by personalising and shortening it. Just click ‘edit’ in the Edit Profile section next to Public Profile URL.

Optimise your profile with key words

LinkedIn uses algorithms to understand what your skills and expertise are. It primarily analyses key words in your profile to know you better. Make sure you sprinkle relevant key words throughout your profile but especially in the About section and Headline to help optimise your profile and enable recruiters to find you more easily.

Include a background photo

Of course you should include a head and shoulders main photo, but a background photo can help to lift your profile, add more colour and personality. You can choose something abstract or work related. The file needs to be minimum 1584x396 pixels.


Within each of your roles include examples of achievements. Focus on the outcomes of your work and include facts and figures to support these. Do not just recite your job description as this sounds generic and inauthentic.

Connect with people

Be proactive and connect with anyone you feel can potentially help you in your career advancement. You can grant access to LinkedIn to find and connect with your contact but also research employers or recruiters who might be of interest to you.

Don’t write anything that might upset a previous employer

LinkedIn is a public platform where anyone can see what you have written. Never write about bad experiences or say anything contentious – so think about how anyone reading it will perceive the information you have written.


Get recommendations

Recommendations from people you have worked with look great. They look powerful because people use their own authentic words to describe how they found working with you. There is a facility to request recommendations so definitely use this.

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